Become a Male Cam Model

How to become a Cam Boy

Webcamming on your mind? Well, it’s an excellent idea. Becoming a cam model is a lucrative option, and it also sounds pretty simple: just flick on a webcam, strip seductively and earn some real bucks. But, in reality, there’s a lot more to consider, especially to increase your earnings and stay protected online.

Here’s a guide that can help beginners like you to become a cam model:

Sort out your equipment

First things first; you need to figure out what equipment you will need for cam modeling. Sometimes, the webcam on your computer is just not good enough for the purpose. For creating good-quality streams, you need to invest in a better webcam; otherwise, you lose out a lot on your earnings.

Here are the essential types of equipment to get for cam modeling:

    • A good-quality webcam

    • A fast computer or laptop

    • A super-fast internet connection

    • A safe, undisturbed location/set

Register with a cam site

After you get your equipment ready, you need to start camming. But for that, you need to get on a safe cam site. There are many out there, but you need to do your thorough research beforehand to select the right one for yourself. You should know whether they take a portion of your tips, and if they do, how much is it and how do they pay. When you find one site, sign up as a cam model, and get started. Just make sure you have some sexy, attractive photos to upload while completing the application.

Learn everything about the cam site

Your job isn’t over after you sign up. You need to explore the cam site to know it better. Most cam sites offer their own training modules for models, providing them with rich articles, and videos to help them get used to the site. You should also take extra care to read about the performer dashboard before you start camming as this is the place where you will be spending the maximum of your time. 

You can also get on chat rooms to get information. Read about them before as much as you can so that you get an idea of how things work there. The more you know, the better it is for you.

Complete your profile

As a cam boy, your success will depend a lot on your profile. People decide whether or not to cam with you basis the information you give on your profile. So, it’s important that you create a sexy and tantalizing one. 

Moreover, you should pay extra attention to your photos as they are the only thing that viewers will see before joining a chat with you. You should make them attractive but giving too much away. Ask them to join a chat if they want to see more of you.

Select a name for yourself

A nameless profile can simply turn people off. But before you pick one, you must do a quick Google search to ensure someone else doesn’t have the same name. You must choose a name that sets you apart from the rest and doesn’t confuse your viewers. 

Make sure you select a name that’s memorable for everyone. It should reflect some association with your personality. If you are clueless about where to start, then you can simply pick a common but sexy one and then go for a word you love for the last name. It should, however, be in line with the imaging you wish to portray on the cam site.

Show yourself as a new model on the site

This tag, “New Model,” surprisingly proves to be a good bet for increasing views of your profile on the site from the very first day of starting off as a cam model. You must make the most of the time that these sites tag you as new.

Take protective measures

Cam modeling is surely a great venture, but it’s also fraught with risks that prevail in the online space. You must protect yourself and your information at all cost. To do so, you should set your personal social accounts to private and ensure you have turned on geoblocking options.

Most sites allow you to block off a few locations so that people from there cannot view your profile or contact you.  It’s particularly useful if you want to keep your job a secret affair and avoid awkward conversations with family and friends.

Make a kick-ass start

For viewers to come to your profile and join you for a stream, you will have to start with a bang. You certainly look hot, but nobody would want to come to your profile if it lacks the wow factor. Don’t expect to get tipped right on day 1, but you can sure to make some good bucks if you impress them with your confident personality. This would make them come back to you.  And if confidence is an issue, there’ nothing wrong in having a couple of drinks to relax and give your best shot.

Make your viewers feel valued

For your profile to churn money for you, your chat room should be fun. People tip models that they know and love. The best way to build an audience and create fans out of viewers is to treat them like kings.

…and get rid of the one who doesn’t care

Not all viewers are going to become fans. You need to winnow them out at the earliest. Don’t waste your time on visitors who are just there for a free ride. These users don’t even have an account, meaning there is no chance of getting tips from them. You should look-out for people who have the money to pay.

Promote yourself

Last but not least, you have to get on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram to market yourself as a cam model. Share some of your sexy photos and keep your fans informed by posting your streaming schedule. These channels are great for building connections that last. 

When you first start off as a cam model, you won’t get success in the very first week. Cam modeling demands consistent efforts and undivided time from you. You must not forget that this is a full-time job and provides a good potential to make good bucks.

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