Top Tips for Promoting Yourself as a Male Cam Model

Becoming a male cam model is one thing but ensuring your success in the industry is an entirely different matter. Three things are required of you to stay ahead in the world of cam modeling – patience, effort, and self-promotion; when you deploy them together, they will work wonders for your cam modeling career.

Time spent on your career and putting in the effort to please your online customers are relatively easy when compared to promoting yourself. Promotion of any product anywhere in the world requires strategy. Here’s are some tips to promote yourself as a cam model.

Social media

Think of any service or product, and you are sure to find it promoted on social media. That’s because social media has a super-influence on the marketing and promotion of all services and products. Even if you want to remain private about your career as a cam model, you must be willing to get on some social networking site or the other – that’s how you will connect with potential customers and fans, and promote yourself successfully.

You can turn on your privacy settings of all your social media sites to ensure you are well protected.

Instagram is today’s hottest social media site. It’s a great site to share sexy, cheeky, sensual, and naughty pictures online. For added privacy, you can ensure your face is hidden or not shown at all, and you can choose a screen name that does not reveal your true identity.

Twitter allows you to post cheeky photos as well, and again, you can turn on your privacy settings, use a vague but sexy screen name, and again – ensure your face is not in the image.

Social media sites let you post your schedule to let your fans and potential customers know when you will be available online. If for some reason you need to reschedule your online time, ensure you let your followers and ardent fans know of the change. This lets them know you care enough to not waste their time by keeping them waiting – a great promotional strategy.

A social media site that you are active on is just part of your promotion strategy. The next step is to get them where you want them – either to your website or to the commercial website that you use to model yourself – specifically, to your profile. Add in links to your cam profile with every message you send out.

Copy, copy, copy!

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so why not imitate what other cam models are doing really well? What works for them could work wonders for you too as you belong to the same industry.

Follow a couple of famous cam models, notice how they promote themselves – what they do, how they do it, how they engage with their fans, and what works well for them. With years of experience, these well-known models have learned through trial and error what works best in the industry. You can make use of this information and not waste time on trial and error, but only concentrating on what succeeds on social media sites.

Comment and engage with others in the industry

To be heard, you must be seen. No, not the way you would in front of the camera, but through your messages and comments. When others in the industry, such as other cam models, post messages, leave a comment and acknowledge their message. Be nice – the idea is to make as many friends and followers as possible. Every time you leave a comment, your name appears along with your message – these will be seen by their fans and viola you are noticed. Soon you will find that many of their fans follow you as well.

Use Hashtags

One of the most beneficial features of most social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is the hashtag (#). Hashtags are keywords that are preceded by a hash (pound sign). They are used within posts to help people identify topics they find interesting or might be interested in. A hashtag could also precede the name of a famous cam model. Do a bit of research on the hashtags used by the cam-model industry as well as well-known cam models that get a lot of social media hits and add these to every message that you send out.

Happy fans will promote you

You could have a very large audience who appreciate your live cams, but at the end of the day, it is your regular fans who are going to pay to see you. Also, they are the ones who are going to be spreading the word about you and indirectly advertising for you. Respect them for being the source of your main income and for indirectly promoting you. Keep them happy, and they will devote their online time to you.

Use the ‘new model’ tag

Almost every cam website allows you to promote yourself as a ‘new model.’ Not only does this allow you to get more viewers, but it helps the size get more viewers as well – it’s a win-win for both of you. New models get a lot of attention on cam model websites. Everyone wants to see fresh, young faces. Get noticed by a large group of people when you tag yourself as a ‘new model.’ Apply this tag to every part of the website that applies to you. So, when viewers look for particular niches within site, your tag will appear in the relevant searches.

Watermark your videos and images

Posting and selling photos and videos of yourself are all in a day’s work in the cam model industry. If your content is sold to a customer, there are chances of him sharing it with others – which is fine if you have watermarked all your images and videos. As your repertoire grows through the images and videos that have your name on it, people will know where to find you.

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