How to Earn More Tips

Getting tips from viewers is probably the most challenging task as a cam boy. A lot of viewers are just looking for a free ride, and not many are willing to open the purse strings to reward their favorite models.

But don’t despair. The good thing is, you can turn things around and get your passive viewers to become active and start paying. Just follow these strategies, and everything will be sorted.

Include sex toys in your performance

One sure-fire way to get high tips out of any webcam performance is to include sex toys in the show. People love toys for a reason. They’re fun, they’re aesthetically authentic, and many of them can be controlled by the viewers themselves, thereby making the experience extremely realistic and intimate.

The choice of sex toys to use is entirely up to you. But anal toys, which are still considered taboo by many people, are one of the most lucrative toys on the market. If you’re not comfortable using anal toys, that’s okay. If you want to make a pretty penny, you should let your viewers control the strength & depth of the toys in exchange for tips. Trust us; they’ll be all for it.

When using a toy in your performance, remember to mention it on your stream in the form of tags. That way, people looking for such specific content will be able to find you with ease.

Make your viewers play tipping games

Another super fun way to get your audience to tip you for your performance is to implement tipping games.

There are many games that cam guys can play, where viewers get to either spin a wheel or roll a dice or pick a card from a pack and then decide what next act the guy has to perform. The catch – they need to pay for this privilege.

This kind of control over the cam model’s pleasure gets a lot of viewers very excited. You can make a lot of money off this excitement by introducing these types of tipping games in your show.

Just make sure you’re ready to try anything. These games can get a bit wild.

Experiment with different niches and add something new to the mix

A lot of cam guys miss out on large tips because they are afraid to spice their show up with something new. They stick to the same routine for months and don’t bring anything new to the table. This can bore a lot of viewers.

So, if you’re playing the shy, submissive role each time, why not try being a dom for a day? You could even play a role – that of a soldier, a policeman, or even Superman.

When you try something different, not only do you entertain your regulars, but you also attract a completely new clientele, who could also be high tippers.

Apply viewer feedback/criticism to your show

A lot of times, cam guys aren’t aware of what keeps their regular viewers coming back each time; or worse, what makes viewers exit their session within minutes of joining you. While some viewers are silent spectators and don’t tell you why they do what they do, others are more vocal. If you happen to receive any compliment, feedback, or criticism from your viewers, be sure to incorporate them into your next show. Make the changes they ask for or include more of the acts they loved, in your subsequent performances. This will help improve the quality of your show, retain fans, and prevent people from leaving your sessions. That’s three birds with one stone.

Be approachable and create a friendly environment

Nothing beats the appeal of a warm welcome and a friendly demeanor on a cam video, and we mean nothing.

Irrespective of the number of toys you use, the games you play or the new acts you introduce into your performance, at the end of the day, viewers just want to be respected and appreciated.

In fact, one thing many cam guys fail to realize is that; for a lot of viewers, it is the emotional connection they have with you and the happiness they get from it, that is more important than the physical aspects of the experience. That’s why cam guys who are willing to play the role of virtual friends or even virtual boyfriends, are the ones who’ll get the most fans and the biggest tippers.

In fact, our recommendation is that you do not pretend to be a friend, but be one. Be kind and courteous to all who join your stream. Say hello to them and answer their questions. Ask questions of your own and let your friendly and approachable persona shine through the camera. 

Trust us; you’ll have a large following of dedicated viewers in no time.

Be attentive to viewers who have the potential to become loyal fans

Finally, once you’ve started developing that personal rapport with your viewers, its time to identify who among them is most likely to become your super fan. It is these members of the audience, who are most likely to pay for a private show, purchase your photos & videos, send you gifts and also tip you the highest.

As you spend more time on camming, you’ll observe how a handful of viewers are always logged-into your stream. They join every session you start, and they’re encouraging you to cam more frequently. These are the people you need to tap into, as they’re the source to a steady paycheck.

Speak to them each time they join your session. Tell them how glad you were that they stopped-by to see your performance. Ask them what they’d like to see in particular (remember not to indulge the requests of viewers who don’t tip you at all – that’s just a waste of time). Invite them for a private performance and give them a discount code, if you have one. Start an exclusive fan club or a paid-only, exclusive members group and send an invite to a select few of your most consistent viewers. They will be thrilled by all the attention you’re giving them, and they’re very likely to reward your attention in the form of tips and gifts. Who knows, they could do one better and bring over friends who’ll be really high tippers too.

Alright, so now that you know what you can do to get large tips as a cam boy, go ahead and try these strategies out.

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