Common Misconceptions of Becoming a Male Cam Performer

Most guys think of cam modeling as a career option but they refrain from getting into it because they fall prey to several misconceptions about the business. Some of these misconceptions root out from just the lack of awareness and understanding clouding the thoughts of modern society.

Irrespective of whether you are an established cam model or trying to make a name for yourself, you may have come across some of these wrong notions about cam modeling. You should not believe them. Read on to know the truths about cam modeling and becoming a cam girl.

Myth #1: cam models and prostitutes are one and the same thing

This is a serious myth because it questions the integrity of both the jobs. It’s certainly not an issue to be a sex worker (only if your country permits), but that job is very different from cam modeling. Cam boys work or rather perform solely in the online space. They never visit hotels or homes of their clients. So there’s no real-life interaction or intercourse in cam modelling—just what makes it different from prostitution.

Myth #2: Cam modeling isn’t a job in the real sense

Do you think so? If yes, then that’s a taboo. It’s extremely common for people to consider cam modeling as a second-tier job as it does not take place in a traditional corporate setting. But the reality is that cam modeling is pretty much a real job. There are thousands out there, both men and women, who earn their living from camming. Some of them work as much as the conventional office hours, while others make big bucks just by dedicating a few hours a day.

Myth #3: Cam modeling is a shady business

Not true! As long as you are above 18, you have the choice to become a cam model. There’s nothing fishy or shady about it. It’s considered completely legal, as long as you file your taxes on time and do it ethically. So there’s nothing that should be stopping you.

Myth #4: Cam models have a loose character

This brings us to another misconception where cam models are outright labeled as “loose” and “easy”. You have to sleep with everyone you meet. You will people calling you by all sorts of disrespectful names or expecting you to sleep with them. But you don’t have to at all.

Myth #5: Your identity is no secret

You may fear that everybody, your family and friends, will get to know about your profession. Yes, it’s awkward, but you may choose to keep it a secret if you want. You can use privacy options like geoblocking on cam sites to restrict people from particular regions to view your profile or contact you. No one will find out until and unless you tell them yourself.

Myth #6: Cam models are just desperate for money

Well, let’s be honest: everyone needs money, but cam modeling is not the only way to earn it. Cam models pursue it as a profession that earns them money, but they are certainly not desperate for it. Most cam guys out there do it because they love it! Nobody has forced them into it. They like the entertaining and fun factor of cam modeling. So what’s wrong in making some money out of it?

Myth #7: Cam modeling = easy money

The reality is cam modeling does not mean you make easy money. As mentioned earlier, it’s a real job. So cam models have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to build their reputation and start making money. This goes for the women as well as the men. There may be a lot of initial struggle; If you aren’t ready to do, then perhaps it isn’t the best option for you to pursue.

 Myth #8: Only attractive guys make for good cam models

Who said so? Anyone can be a male cam model if they want to! Cam models cater to all tastes. Go through the different filters and categories on cam sites to know different kinds of cam models are there. Irrespective of looks, nationality, or gender, everyone can make a niche for themselves in the cam world.

Myth #9: Cam Guys can’t have a stable partner

This is not true at all.  It may seem that all cam models are single and cannot have a respectful relationship with someone they love. But there’s absolutely no reason why they cannot. As long as both partners are satisfied in their respective fields of work, nothing should stop them from living a happy life.

Myth 10: Cam Boys have great lifestyles

Most people think that cam models are uber-rich, served by chefs and chauffeurs, and having a line of dashing boyfriends. Well, that’s not always true. Only those who are at the top may lead such an extravagant lifestyle, but there are also many who are just like you and me. The amount they earn varies, so does their lifestyle. So, you need to start letting go of this idea of a glitzy world. You may choose to lead a simple lifestyle too if you want to.

Myth #11: Cam Models have zero education

Last but not least, a multitude of people believe that cam models never went to school or college or had basic education. There are many cam models who are well-read and well-spoken. They have to be able to start and carry on a conversation with a stranger. So it’s a must they have basic education and intelligence. Also, the best part about camming is that you can pay off your student loan. Just choose a schedule and start working along with your study. Honestly, it’s a great option.

The common misconceptions about this industry floating around exercise a big influence on cam models and how their job is perceived by others. You should have full confidence in yourself and debunk these myths. They have no relevance in the modern-day cam world. Simply follow your heart and do what you wish to rest. Rest everything will fall into place.

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