How to Become a Male Cam Model – the definitive guide

If you want to become a male cam model, there a couple of things you should know. Firstly, while there is a market for male cam models, it’s nowhere as close to the size of the female cam-model industry. Secondly, since it’s a smaller market comparatively, you will do well if you work as a male cam model or as a cam boy (another name for a male cam model) as a part-time gig while you hold a full-time job. Thirdly, if you want to pursue the world of male cam modeling on a full-time basis, there are ways you can make money other than through shows.

As a male model, there will be a couple of things that are required of you. Firstly, you will be required to masturbate in front of a camera, and in front of several viewers. Secondly, you will be required to get off several times.

If, after all this information you still want to become a cam model, let’s get down to it. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind when you enter the world of cam modeling.

Choose a website that suits your requirements

To work as a professional cam model, you must first sign up to a cam website and create a profile. There are several websites to choose from, but some websites don’t offer male cam modeling, so you need to find the ones that do.

Since male cam modeling is not very popular, you might come across websites you can work on, but you may not get much work from these sites. A giveaway sign is if you visit these sites and find cam boys sitting around with no customers or very few customers. If this is the case, you need to shop more and find a website that has a large audience for male cam models.

Watch and learn

In all probability, you are new to this career and could do with some help. You can pick up a lot of tips and tricks from professional male cam models by watching how they work and what works for them. Some ideas you can pick up include how to talk to your viewers, and how to up the oomph factor with your fans. You can also learn a thing or two about how to strip seductively in front of the camera, the best poses, and how much to charge for different types of acts. Don’t hesitate to copy what works for them. If it works for them, in all probability it will work for you too – just make sure you are able to pull it off their moves with ease.

Sign up and get to know the website

Sign up for a cam model account and set up your profile. You will need to provide some form of identification to prove you are not underage. Keep some sexy photos of yourself available so that you can let viewers know that there is a new cam boy whose got what it takes.

After signing up, explore the website, and a get a feel of what it offers and how best you can use it to make as much money as you can. Good websites will offer help to new models in the form of articles, blogs, and videos to show them how they can succeed at cam modeling. Get to know how your dashboard works and how you can use it to your benefit.

Ensure your privacy

As a cam model, you will have to ensure your safety online. This means proactively taking actions to ensure your true identity is always kept a secret from anyone you interact with on the website. A reliable website will offer facilities like geo-blocking that allows you to block viewers who live in your city, state, or even country. While the site offers privacy features, you must also ensure you never divulge information about your private life to your viewers or fans. The last thing you want is to be hunted down by an obsessed fan.

Promote yourself on social media

Promoting your role as a cam model on social media can increase your audience and fan following. But be sure to turn on the privacy setting on all social media sites. Keep your personal accounts separate from the accounts you use to promote yourself as a cam boy. Create accounts under your model name. Give fans a sneak peek into what they will get to see if they visit your profile. Provide them with links so that they can easily find you.

 Post photos and videos too if you want to, but ensure you keep your face out of these to protect your privacy. You can let fans or potential customers know your schedule and when they can get to see you perform. Again, don’t forget to add links to your profile or they won’t know where to find you.

Invest in the right equipment and outfits

As a cam model, you will need to make an initial investment in equipment. This includes an HD webcam, microphone, proper lighting, and a laptop or computer. A wireless keyboard and mouse will give you the luxury of sitting away from your laptop/computer while you stretch out on the bed.

When it comes to outfits, don’t get lazy. Boxers are great, but you will need some really good outfits that you can slowly and seductively get out of. Drive your women fans crazy with roleplaying costumes such as fireman, policeman, football player, and even a seaman.

Invest in a good lube

Your job requires you to masturbate a lot, and after a while, your foreskin could get tender. Ensure you have lube with you at all times – you can even consider buying it in bulk.

Join forces with other models

Most of your viewers and fans will be gay men. So, joining up with a group of male cam models and putting on a couple of group shows for your viewers is a definite way to get money coming in.

As a male cam model, you will be doing pretty much what a female cam model does. But you need to work harder at it than your female counterpart. Ultimately a reliable and popular website that hosts male cam models will help immensely.

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