How Male Cam Models should Stay Protected Online

When you are a cam model, you are putting yourself at risk online. Your identity could be stolen, you could be stalked by weirdos, and your privacy could be breached. Your profile could even accidentally be found by family and friends who may not be aware of your cam modeling career.  As a cam model, the first thing to do is take adequate and appropriate measures to ensure your privacy and security are protected. Preventive measures will help you stay safe online and save you from embarrassment. Here are some tips on how you can protect yourself and keep your privacy intact online.

Keep your social media accounts secure

Always set your social media accounts to a private setting. Just in case fans track down your private social media accounts – the ones you don’t use for your cam modeling business, they will need to send you a request to get access to your account. You can actively block suspicious people, and you can have complete control over who gets to see your posts. You can even choose whom you want to interact with and who you would rather block.

Guard your personal information

Never divulge your personal information to anyone you meet online. Always use a fake name on the cam modeling sites you use as well as on social media sites. Your fans and dangerous stalkers won’t be able to find your personal information online. Ensure that the proxy name that you choose is very different from your real name and is in no way associated with where you live either. Any similarities could pop up on a search engine and threaten your privacy.

Keep your address a secret

Your address is a big part of your personal information. It is addressed here as a separate subheading because there are greater chances of you accidentally giving out your address to your fans. If your ardent fans want to send you a gift, ensure you provide them with only a P.O. Box number where they can send your gift to. This would mean you have to take the effort to pick it up from the delivery office, but it is worth the effort.

Use a service that does not track your information or address if you use a wish list like Amazon’s wish list feature to get your fans to buy you gifts. Generally, adult sites take precautionary measures to protect their clientele’s privacy – these sites even host wish lists and redirect any packages that come for you. However, sites like Amazon are not very secure.

Protect your photos and videos

Keep all photos and videos that you share with family and friends separate from the photos and videos you share with your customers, viewers, and fan following. Similarly, don’t share any of the photos or videos that you share with your cam modeling clientele with your family and friends. These two parts of your life should be completely separate in every way possible. Even your profile photo that you use on your cam site and your social media sites must be different. Photos can be used to search for matches – and if you have shared photos between your two identities, you could be traced. Also, if you use an iPhone, turn off the location setting for photos as all iPhone photos give details about the location the photo was shot.

Refrain from opening links sent to you

Never open any link sent by your viewers or fans. Spurious links are carriers of viruses that are designed to infect your computer/laptop. Other viruses are designed to provide the sender with your personal information such as your location and your computer’s IP address.

Links can be sent on the pretext of providing you some useful information regarding cam modeling. No matter how enticing they may seem, refrain from clicking on any of these links.

Protect your set

Your set can give away a lot of information about you. Viewers could recognize a view from your window, see a t-shirt sporting the college you attended, or even recognize a cup from a particular café. All these details that you thought were insignificant could end up giving away a lot about you – especially your location. Ideally, your cam set should be used only for professional purposes; this way, there are lesser chances of customers finding clues regarding your personal life. But if it isn’t possible, to have a different set, scan the entire set for little hints might have unknowingly dropped here and there and get them out of sight.

Be careful about what you say

As a cam model, you are will probably end up having general conversations with your clients. It’s but natural to let slip of details that might seem insignificant to you – a coffee shop near your home, or an upcoming event in your area, or a certain incident that occurred on your street. You should be especially careful if you live in a small town where you can easily be traced. That’s not to say that you are untraceable in a big city.

Follow the cam site’s guidelines

Cam sites provide guidelines to ensure their clients’ identities are protected. Reliable sites provide step-by-step information on how to protect your privacy. Read this information several times over if you have to and then put all the guidelines into practice.

PayPal isn’t really your pal

Technically, PayPal is an easy way to complete money transactions. However, PayPal isn’t as safe as it is made out to be – especially for cam models who need to hide their true identity. When you open a PayPal account, you are required to share your real information. This information is easily accessible to your viewers when they pay you through this service.

Secondly, PayPal has a feature that allows senders to get their money refunded. In which case, a customer can make a payment and then get it refunded. You could lose all your income this way. The scary part is that it’s very simple. Your client just has to inform PayPal that the money was used for a sexual purpose. The money will immediately be withdrawn from your PayPal account and refunded to your customer.


Geoblocking is an extremely useful feature that lets you update your location services while blocking anyone from your city, state, as well as your country from viewing your streams. Even if they use the cam site, you will not pop up in their search results. VPN users who change their IP address to a different country. If you are doing a group cam session, ensure that your geolocation settings match theirs.

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