How Not to Suck at Being a Cam Boy

With thousands of cam boys around, and each one vying to be better than the other, if you are not good at what you do, you will suck. If you think that camming is easy, think again.

Being a male cam model requires hard work and dedication – just like any other job. Even if you decide to be a cam boy on the side while you pursue another career, you will still need to ensure you do a good job of it if you want to make any money. Some guys take up cam modeling as a full-time job, and if you are one of those, be prepared to work hard and work long hours.

Here are some tips on how not to suck at your career as a male cam model:

Make your viewers feel special

Your viewers and customers are human and want to feel loved and special. When you are able to connect with your viewers, you increase your chances of converting them to fans. A warm smile, asking them how their day was, and even chatting about the weather can make them feel special. Soon, you will find that they come back to you repeatedly.

Be your cutest and impressionable self

Customers love someone cute, adorable, fun-loving, bubbly, and full of life. Nobody wants to see a deadbeat cam boy who is grumpy and complaining. So, be your best self in front of the camera – put aside all your worries if you have any. Give your customers the best version of your personality. dress the part too. Dressing up well can enhance your mood and help you give your viewers a better performance.

Don’t take long breaks

Your fans and regular customers will stay around as long as they see you around. When you take a long break and are not around to entertain or service them, they will move to greener pastures. The simple fact is that you are on their mind only as long as you are around. So, if you want to ensure you keep your fan-following and retain your regular customers, you must grit your teeth and stay online every day of the week. If you truly need a break, take no more than a week off. That’s the only way you will still be on their minds.

Work it even when nobody’s watching

You will experience periods of lull when you have no customers online. Perhaps people are around just sitting about but not chatting or tipping. Perhaps your room is empty. But you can’t afford to look bored in front of the camera. As long as you are online and as long as people can suddenly pop up in your room, you need to be your best – professionally.

Customers who enter your room will be turned off to find you staring at the screen, looking bored to death. But get these customers staying in your room by making things interesting for them. While waiting, lie back on your bed and touch yourself or play with yourself gently. You could even just smile into the camera, dance around, shake your booty, or strip seductively.

Stick to a schedule

Just like you would stick to a regular schedule with any other job, your career as a cam model requires you to stick to a schedule. Viewers have a life away from the camera and spend only a fraction of their time in front of it. Customers will usually keep a certain time and day of the week for camming. Miss them at these times, and you will probably lose them to a cam boy who is online. Be around when your customers need you. Pick a time and days of the week and stick to them diligently. Very soon you will notice that regular customers come in on specific days and at fixed times and will expect you to be around on those days at that particular time.

Invest a part of your income into the business

Spend money to make money. Once your business as a cam model takes off, you will start making more money. While it’s tempting to splurge it all on yourself, set aside a small amount so that you can invest it back in the business.

You could use some of the money to buy a new cam, more lingerie, a better microphone, or even a new laptop. You could even invest in a cam modeling training course to make you a better cam performer. You can also spend a couple of bucks on new makeup. A good camera and proper lighting are essential to ensure proper streaming, so you could even invest in these. With better quality videos and visual experiences, your fan base will get larger, and you will get more income.

Slog until your business takes off

To be a successful male cam model, you must work for it. Nothing comes free – not even the ability to become a professional cam boy, without you working for it. All those cam boys with several thousands of followers on social media sites got there because they worked hard to earn that reputation. They would have worked hard for more than a year to get to where they are today. To ensure you don’t suck at being a cam model, you must be willing to work hard and earn a name in the industry.

Engage with member messages

If you like sending and receiving messages, you will enjoy this task; else, you will find it tedious. However, it’s something you must do to engage your fans and ensure they remain loyal to you. Connect with members on a personal level, so they become paying fans. Take the time out of your busy schedule to reply to messages that they leave you. Ensure the messages are personal, caring, and make the receiver feel special.

Give your career a chance to take off

Finally, it will take a while to settle down and see your business take off. The chances of any cam model becoming an overnight sensation, no matter how good they are, are slim. Be patient, and you will succeed. New customers will take a while to become regular fans – again, be patient. In the meanwhile, try to get a regular fan following. Learn to identify potential fans from those who are not going to become fans. Ensure you don’t reveal too much of yourself to those who you think aren’t going to be around for long. Ensure you spend time wisely online, and keep your customers feeling special so they become regular fans.

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