What Additional Streams of Revenue Exist for Male Cam Models?

Cam modeling offers models to make money both actively and passively. As a male cam model, you get your income by doing what the business dictates you do – satisfy your customers’ requirements. But you can make extra cash without working for it – you just need to get a bit creative. A bit more money that comes in consistently – apart from your regular income, won’t hurt – especially when it requires minimum effort on your part. Here are some superb ideas to get more money flowing into your kitty.

Sell your used underwear, outfits, and sex toys

Sounds weird? You will be surprised at the number of people who would be dying to get their hands on your underwear and your sex toys. In fact, selling used underwear is now quite a big and lucrative business. So, stock up on these items and entice your customers with them. Let them know that they can have them – as soon as you get out of them. You would need to have a large supply of these items – especially the boxers / briefs – as they are most in demand. You would also need to ensure they are packed properly and shipped out on time – but the effort is truly worth it especially considering that these items are going to bring you an income on a regular basis.

Sell videos and/or photos of yourself

A big turn-on for many customers and fans is the idea of possessing a signed picture of you or even a video. Fans who adore you are willing to pay big money to own a video that they can watch over and over again. Several cam sites allow you to directly sell your videos and photos from your profile. These videos and photos are especially useful to your customers when they desperately need you online, and you aren’t available – it allows them to have a part of you anytime – day or night.

You can set up your own website that exclusively sells your ware. You can even market these products to extend your reach to a wider audience. Capture the sexiest moves and poses that turn on your customers and put them up for sale.

Get social media savvy

With most of the adult population online, you can’t afford to miss out on an online marketing strategy that targets adults who are addicted to social media.

You could offer to have a one-on-one conversation at any time of the day that is convenient to them – for a fee, and a peek into your daily life. Snapchat groups are one way to do this. If you find it difficult to keep tag of all your payments, you could try OnlyFans, which is a site that works similar to Snapchat but lets you have better control of your payments. You can use your account to upload videos and photos of yourself in the most sensual and tantalizing poses. Fans would need to pay to get access to your account. They get to see your videos and photos while you get big money – a win-win for both parties.

Become a sex toy brand ambassador

Sex toys are all the rage, and they are big business. When you become a brand ambassador for a particular sex toy, you make tons of money from the manufacturer of the sex toy as well as from your fans. Simply sign up for and affiliate program. You will get to use these toys and also sell them to your fans and customers at a discounted rate.

Ensure you advertise these sex toys in your streams – talk about them, use them, show your fans and followers how much satisfaction you derive from them, how they can be used, and the different parts of the body they can be used. Share the code of the sex toy on your social media accounts. Every time someone buys the toy, you will get a part of the sale. Each brand and sex toy store will offer a different commission for your efforts, but you can expect anywhere between 10% and 20% of the price the sex toy is sold for.

Provide your fans and followers with private shows or customized requests

Cam model sites have different options and different types of shows available. Learn some tricks of the trade from these sites and then offer them to your customers exclusive on your site. You can charge much more for a customized show. Make sure you are always listening to what your fans are asking for and provide them with what they want.

Provide extra perks for members and fans

Keep your fans mesmerized by offering more of you. If you have your own website, you can have a special section for fans. If you don’t have your own website but use a common website for your business, check out if the website allows you to have a section for your fans on your profile. Fans pay a monthly fee to remain in your fan club group, and they get perks that non-members don’t.

Perks can include member-only shows, naughty pictures, and even a one-on-one conversation with you.

It doesn’t take much effort to do all this once you have your site set up to provide these perks to your fan-following. You can expect big money to come flowing in soon enough.

Create your own Amazon Wish List

Remember that sexy outfit that was too expensive to buy? With an amazon wish list, you can get your ardent fans to buy them as gifts for you? Sounds conniving? It isn’t really. Your fans will get to see you in all those outfits and use all the sex toys and other accessories that would give them immense pleasure. You will be surprised to know that clients and fans are more than willing to buy them for you. Just make sure that gifts are delivered discreetly and safely.

Collaborate with a group of cam models

Not many customers would give up the chance of watching not just you but a whole lot of guys together on camera. Give your clients a couple of hours to remember – instead of a one-to-one session, team up with other male cam models to make it extra special. The added benefit is that you get introduced to a larger audience – the fan club and customers of the participating cam girls. You can highlight the event my marketing it before you stream it live.

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