First Things to Do as a New Male Cam Model

Starting off in a new industry is not easy for anyone, but the more you know about the industry, the easier it is to get into it. It’s the same with the cam modeling industry. The more you know about the cam modeling industry, the easier it will be to start. Here is a list of things every cam model must be aware of before getting into the industry.

#1. Get comfortable with the site you will work on

The first thing you will do as a cam model is sign-up for a model account with a cam website. Once that is done, you must thoroughly familiarize yourself with this website. Most cam sites offer a host of features, and understanding the benefits and usage of these features will help you make better use of the website. You must know the basics before you start work – how to use the dashboard, how much you should charge as a cam model, the payment method and procedure, and tipping instructions.

Most cam websites also have guides – articles and videos – on how to use their site. For example, Cam4 has a complete training session as well as a hub to ask questions if you can’t find the answers you are looking for on the website.

#2. Create an enticing profile

A picture is a thousand words, and so is your cam model profile. Come across as appealing and friendly in your profile. Fill up all the information required – do not share your personal information for security reasons. Create an exciting online name. Add some sexy photos of yourself without revealing too much, and share intimate details that will get people visiting your profile. Your profile is a powerful marketing tool, so make it interesting, fun, and exciting.

#3. To tell or not to tell?

Is your career as a cam model going to be a secret that you hide from your family and friends? You don’t want them to accidentally find your profile online. But if you decide to keep your cam modeling career as a secret, you must make sure that your online profile is protected.

#4. Use the geo-blocking feature

Geo-blocking is a security feature provided on most cam sites. The feature is designed to keep you safe when you are online. If you have not been open about your new career as a cam model and don’t want family and friends to accidentally come across your profile, use geo-blocking. With geo-blocking, you can block viewers from your neighborhood, city, and even country, so that you are not found online.

Some cam websites allow you to block multiple locations. So, if you were raised in New York but now live in Portland, you can block both New York and Portland regions so that you don’t appear in the searches of viewers from these regions.

#5. Set yourself up as a “new model”

On a website that hosts thousands of cam models, a “new model” tag is your only sure-shot way of getting noticed a new model. A “new model” tag is the best way find you and also get as many viewers as possible for your debut streaming session.

A “new model” tag will alert viewers that there is a new model on the website. Every website has its own way of advertising for new models; some websites allow you to use the new model tag for a couple of hours while others let you use this tag for a few days. When you build your profile, ensure you tag yourself as a “new model.” Some websites also list the new models on their homepage, so make sure you turn this feature on to get noticed.

#6. Add yourself to as many tags as allowed

Every viewer is looking for a particular category on cam websites. The more you are tagged, the more places your profile will pop up, and the larger your customer base.

Websites allow you to tag yourself to different categories within the website. Enlist yourself in all the categories viewers will be able to see you, and your profile will pop up when a viewer searches for those categories. Some categories you must be tagged in include the specific types of shows you do, toys you use, appearance, any particular sets you will be using, and different fetishes that you will be catering to.

#7. Promote yourself on social media

Promote yourself as a cam model on social media sites. Make sure you use the same profile name that you use on your cam website to promote yourself on all social media sites. Add links to your profile so social media viewers can directly go to your profile. Also, ensure your social media privacy settings are turned on so that crazy fans can’t stalk you or track you down online.

Use social media to show off your body – you can get naughty and post pretty cheeky photos of yourself and short video clips (you don’t have to show them your face if you want to keep your business a secret). Show them just enough of yourself to get them wanting more. Let them know when you will be streaming online, invite them to the show, and again – add links to your cam website profile.

Use hashtags to reach out to a wider audience. Follow other cam models on social media sites. Leave comments to images or videos posted by other cam models to get noticed by their fan following.

 #8. Create a schedule and stick to it

Viewers are busy individuals with lives of their own. Most of them would have a particular day of the week set aside for viewing cam models. The more regular you are with your schedule, the easier it is for them to find you online. Follow a regular schedule and viewers who want to see you will ensure they are online when you are.

With all this valuable information, you are now ready to get started as a cam model. Be patient – big money won’t come in overnight, but if you put in the time and effort to be a successful cam model, it won’t be too long before that happens.

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