What are Male Cam Model Studios

How do they work?

Webcamming is a very exciting and lucrative job. If you’re a newbie, who has very little idea about how the webcamming industry works, you may have a lot of questions.

One of the first questions will certainly be about cam model studios. 

What are they? Do they work? And how do I choose a studio? In this article, we’ll be answering these questions.

Understanding Male Cam Model Studios

A male cam model studio is a video production studio, where men work to produce live videos of themselves. These videos are streamed on different cam platforms / websites, and the models are paid on an hourly or per stream basis.

The type of content that is produced in a cam model studio varies, depending on the type of work a cam model specializes in. But irrespective of what your specialization is, you’ll enjoy working in a cam model studio.

Types of cam model studios

There is a common misconception that all cam models work out of the privacy of their homes. This isn’t true.

There are two types of male cam model studios that you can consider working with:

There are many cam models who go to a professional studio – a building with complete sets, costumes, and equipment – to film their video. Such type of cam model studio is called a physical studio.

Here, models apply/register for a job with the physical studio, and they visit the studio location to film their videos. While this may not be to your taste, it’s important to know that there are a some benefits to choosing a physical studio.

The most important benefit is the availability of detailed sets. Physical studios are very professional businesses. They invest a lot of time, money, and effort to create very detailed and realistic sets. Bedrooms, bathrooms, movie theaters, company meeting rooms, pool showers, even the outdoors – you name it, a physical cam studio will have a set like it. This is perfect for a beginner who wants to create very professional, premium-quality streams but who can’t afford to decorate their rooms properly or rent out a good-looking space.

The second benefit is that physical studios keep you away from prying eyes. So, if you’re living at home or have a roommate, a physical studio is a great place to work at if you want to make quick money from camming.

The third (and probably the most important) benefit is that physical studios give you access to newer high spec technology. As a newcomer to the industry, or a person with limited means, you may not have the finances necessary to purchase top-end webcams, computers, streaming technology, and sound & lighting equipment. When you join a physical studio, you are given full permission to use all the technology they have to make your videos. You also have access to software which allows you to stream to multiple sites simultaneously. This is a great way to earn a lot of money while working for a limited period.

Apart from giving models access to sets and technology, physical studios have a team of costume designers and hair & make-up artists who can help you get ready for your video.

Finally, physical cam model studios also have on-set directors and mentors, who give models guidance and training before they start filming. This is perfect for a newbie who has no idea how to cam. That being said, some of the cam platforms have excellent training and coaching. In particular, CAM4 has amazing coaching, the best in the industry for Men I’d say.

If visiting a physical studio is out of your comfort zone, and you want to work in a more private setting, don’t worry. You can still cam from home.

Cam sites such as CAM4 and Chaturbate provide you a platform to share your live cam stream. You invest in your own webcam, internet, lighting, costume, hair and make-up. Once you log into the website, you can access your account, where you can live stream your video from the place where you’re most comfortable. Apart from giving you a platform to work on, virtual studios also give you the added benefit of marketing.

That’s right. Most virtual cam studios take over social media promotion and other marketing aspects of their cam models. All you need to do is create and upload the video. The virtual studio will take the responsibility of marketing it and also promoting you to website visitors.

Additionally, just like physical studios, virtual studios also have mentors and advisors who can give you the help and guidance you need to start as a cam model. If you have any questions, you can just contact them through email or call.

Choosing between physical studios and camming from home

So, now that we’ve seen the differences between a studio, the choice must be pretty clear. Physical studios look like the real winners.

Except that they’re not.

While physical studios do offer a lot of benefits to models, they also charge a bomb in the form of commission. All the things they give models – equipment, sets, costumes, hair & make-up – all cost money. They charge this money in the form of commission.

Usually, physical cam model studios charge as high as 40%-50% of your per-session earnings. This is a high figure. If you’re working on building your savings, physical studios can set you back tremendously.

On the other hand, cam sites don’t charge very high commission. Their charges are usually 10%-20% of your per-session earnings. This is much more feasible and camming form home can help you fill up your bank account very quickly.

Of course, in saying this, you do need to remember that physical studios give you everything you need to make a high-quality video. You don’t need to buy any expensive clothes, accessories, make-up, furniture, equipment or food & beverages to make your video. With a virtual studio, however, these expenses fall on your shoulders. Although you’ll be taking home a larger chunk of money, you’ll also be spending quite a bit on setting-the-stage for the video.

Additionally, some virtual studios also have a clause which states that models can’t work with a competitor for a few months after quitting from their platform. So, you’ll need to read through the terms of your contract to understand how the studio you’re applying to works like.

The choice of which type of cam model studio to work at depends solely on what you want. Both physical and virtual studios are excellent places to work at. Just be sure to understand what each studio is offering and what your future as a cam model looks like at that studio, before you make a final decision.

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