What Equipment do You Need to Get Started as a Male Cam Model?

Creating a cam model video can be super simple and a very enjoyable affair; provided you have all the equipment and accessories in place.

Millions of cam models compete with each other every day for audience attention. While it is relatively easy to get a person’s attention towards your account, holding their attention for the entire duration of your session can be a challenging thing to do; especially if your video feed is very blurry or if your lighting is so poor that your audience can’t even see your face.

The fact is, the best cam videos are the ones that are staged the best. To set the stage for the most amazing and aesthetically brilliant videos, you’ll need to invest in some must-have equipment.

Don’t worry. The equipment is easy to find and doesn’t cost a fortune. Just start saving up from today, and soon you’ll have everything you need.

But what exactly do you need to buy to make the best cam model videos?

  • Laptop or desktop

The most basic piece of equipment every cam model needs to have is a computer.

Right from creating an account on a virtual cam site to uploading your videos online, you’ll have to do a lot of things, for which you need a computer.

If your set is permanently based out of a single place, for example, your bedroom, then you can choose a desktop. You won’t need to move it around, and you can set it up in the perfect spot so that all your videos can benefit from the best angle and lighting. However, if you travel a lot and you plan to cam during your travels, then a laptop is your best option. It’s easy to store, carry, and use on-the-move.

When buying a computer for your camming, be sure to purchase a model that has the right specifications. For example, the processor should always be Intel Core i7 or higher, the RAM should be minimum 8GB, and your hardware should have a space of at least one terabyte. This way, you’ll have a powerful computer which can support heavy, high-quality videos. As a best practice, buy an SSD memory card to ensure you have plenty of space on-hand for new videos.

  • Webcam

The next essential equipment is a webcam.

Today, all desktops and laptops come pre-installed with a webcam. But this webcam is only built for occasional video streaming. Additionally, the quality of video produced by these computer webcams is usually grainy. As a professional cam model, your videos should not be blurry, grainy, or glitchy. A good quality webcam will go a long way in helping you create stellar cam videos.

Brands like Logitech, Razor, Microsoft, Mevo, and Creative Labs have state-of-the-art HD webcams, which are available in budget-friendly variants. Just buy one of these and set up shop. You can always upgrade to a better-quality one later.

  • Microphone

Next in line is a microphone.

Okay, truth be told, you don’t really need a separate, top-quality microphone right off-the-bat. You can use your computer’s in-built microphone to film your videos.

But microphones do make a great investment in the long run. Think about it; from answering fan questions to having private sessions with a client who wants a non-nude service, a microphone elevates the quality of your video.

Additionally, brands like Shure, Blue Yeti, Mojave, Rode, Apogee, AKG, and Newmann offer a variety of microphones – tube, USB, condenser – at very pocket-friendly prices. This makes them very convenient to buy.

  • Internet connection or dongle

Another must-have technology to film super-awesome cam videos is the internet. After all, this is the only way you’ll be able to stream your videos online.

When buying an internet connection, make sure you choose a reliable provider; someone who can immediately help you if your internet is down or weak. You also need to buy a connection that is powerful enough to stream HD or Ultra HD content without the content hanging or getting glitchy or pixelated. Typically, you need above 25mbps speed to upload 4K UHD and higher videos.

Additionally, if you’re prone to traveling often, you’ll also need mobile internet connectivity in the form of internet SIM card, a compact Wi-Fi device, or another portable hotspot device.

  • Wireless mouse & keyboard

Most cam models don’t find the necessity for a wireless keyboard and mouse when filming their videos. But these do make your work more comfortable. So, for sheer work comfort and convenience, wireless mouse and keyboard is a must.

If you do plan on incorporating your keyboard and mouse in your cam video, the lack of wiring will add to your video’s aesthetic appeal. So, that’s a plus.

  • Lighting

Lighting is the most important equipment to get your hands on, after the webcam and the internet connection.

Poor room lighting can ruin your entire video. Even if your content is the best on the entire website, you may still have few takers because of shoddy lighting.

Typically, video producers use 3-point fluorescent lights, LED lights, and light umbrellas to make quality videos. But these can be expensive for some models; not to mention very large and cumbersome to place in their homes.

So, what you can do (especially as a new cam model with limited resources) is use a combination of natural light from your windows and artificial light from your lamps to create a beautiful effect on the set. Experiment with the lighting angles before you start filming. This will help you get the most out of the light-shadow combination, and you’ll look super sexy in your video.

  • Clothes & toys

Finally, all technical equipment aside, you’ll also need to invest in accessories like clothing and sex toys.

The right lingerie and sex toys can help you create an engaging and steamy video. Using layered lingerie can help you elongate your striptease session and keep viewers hooked to your videos. Additionally, sexy lingerie can be a very visually appealing incentive for viewers by itself. Even a video with zero-stripping-and-more-talking can be just as entertaining, provided you have beautiful lingerie on.

Toys too can be of great help. Whether you use it or not, a lot of viewers get excited by the mere presence of a sex toy in a video. Plus, you can always sell these toys (and even used lingerie) online, which can fetch you a lot of money.

Apart from these are special, theme-based or fetish-based costumes. These will be very handy when you want ideas for new videos, or you want to cater to the fantasies of a special class of viewers.

So, get started on building your collection and make the most visually immersive cam video today.

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